Victorian Yellow Gold, Garnet and Diamond Serpent and Heart Choker Necklace




As one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols, it’s no wonder serpents(snakes) remain as popular in jewellery as they did back in ancient Egyptian times.Throughout time, different civilizations have interpreted the serpent’s symbolism in different ways. Peaking in the 1840s, the snake represented wisdom and eternity during this period and was a ubiquitous motif on rings, bracelets, brooches and necklaces.

Because the gem is commonly blood red, it was believed during the Middle Ages, that garnets could protect European knights against wounds and even bring the wearer a military victory. Common people thought that the gem had medicinal purposes. Medieval garnets were also hailed as being able to cure depression, keep bad dreams at bay, relieve fevers, stop bleeding and much more. Nowadays, garnets are revered more for their beauty than for their “magical” powers. However, many believe that garnets symbolize a happiness and lasting love and friendship.

Victorian, Scottish, Pebble & Agate Jewellery
Agate ~ Malachite ~ Scottish ~ Pebble ~


The popularity of Victorian stone or “pebble” jewellery, encouraged by Queen Victoria, began as collected souvenirs of her trips to Scotland. From the mid-1800s Queen Victoria frequented Scotland and her Scottish castle, Balmoral, and Scotland became a popular place to view the sites, with Scottish dress and jewellery being fashionable, too.

By the later 1800s it was being made in England and Germany as well. Agate comes in many colours and the lovely or unusual striations can add to their desirability. Usually set in silver, some pieces were done in karat gold or jeweller’s metal as well. The stones included jasper, bloodstone and other agates, and some were also set with Cairngorm Citrines and Amethysts. Worn with everything from Levis to the typical plaids, these cannot be beat as a wonderful accessory.

Salamander Brooch



This Deco, custom made 14kt. yellow gold and silver SalamanderDiamond, Ruby and Tsavorite Garnet Brooch is superb.

After 27 years of mourning the death of Albert, Victorias beloved husband, even the staid Victorians had lamented enough.   During the Aesthetic Period a sense of fun and light heartedness returned to jewellery.  Whimsical motifs such as griffins and dragons, crescent moons and stars, butterflies and salamanders, were crafted into jewels of astounding beauty.

The Salamander known for being a sign of fire, passion and love is a beautiful gift to celebrate an Anniversary.

Vintage Sterling Silver and Turquoise Navajo Jewellery



This Navajo necklace, in fact most Native Navajo Jewellery makes a bold, tribal, fashion statement. Native American Jewellery tells a story, rich in American history. This stunning piece comes from a collectors private collection. Designed and handmade by Kaysu, Navajo in the mid 60’s.This beautiful necklace measures 13.25”, total length and the large turquoise stone is 1.5” long and 1.75” wide.

Turquoise has captivated man’s imagination for centuries. The robin’s egg blue gemstone, worn by Pharaohs and Aztec kings, is probably one of the oldest gemstones known. Turquoise has been extensively used by Native American Indians for centuries. They use it in ceremonials and every day life. The Native Americans consider turquoise to be the stone of life, good fortune, and as a symbol of life.

The Diamond Ring


Ahhh yes, “The Diamond Ring”

Diamonds signify steadfast, enduring love because of their unmatched strength and beauty. The versatile look of diamonds enables them to be worn with any outfit, from an elegant cocktail dress to jeans.

Although the tradition of giving a ring to the woman who has promised to become your bride goes back centuries, diamond engagements rings are a relatively recent innovation, becoming popular in the 1930’s.

Of course it does not stop there. When celebrating a mile stone, there is no better way to express gratitude for these memorable years, than to present her with “The Anniversary Ring”.

For the gals who just love Diamond Baubles; there is nothing like a one of a kind vintage ring as your own special treat. After all who is more important than you?